I think when grading a player you have to grade them on what was expected of them coming into the season and how they performed (salary you get paid brings certain expectations). If your grades are comparable to other NBA players (w/ like Kobe and Lebron being A+) nobody on the knicks would receive higher than a B-. Therefore my grades deal with what I expected from them coming into the season. B- being performed accordingly, above B- outperformed and below B- underperformed.

D'Antoni = A : I do not think anything more can be expected from this guy with what he has been given. We have 21 wins (2 less than all of last yr) are in the playoff hunt and has his team believing they can win. Before this slide we won 8 of 11 and had nothing but good feelings around the team. Schedule makers dealt us a horrific hand with that week of teams and I hope the team can bounce back. DA's true test will come when we get actual talent and he has to coach big games in the playoffs.

Walsh - B : He made a great trade with Crawford for Harrington. basically got an equal talent with 2 years less on his contract. Crawford is a career LOSER and will never play for a contender. Duhon signing was terrific for obvious reasons. My only gripe was the Zach Randolph trade, even though I cannot complain because we would never be able to build a team with his 16MM on the roster I think we could have gotten more for him. I don't really know what other offers were out there but his value was a lot higher than it is now so perhaps we didnt do as bad.

Duhon - A- : nobody expected this guy to be top 7 in assists and to be a major part of this team's offense. He is a reliable shooter who makes good decisions and leads the team. When he was signed i expected nothing more than a below average point guard. Would take him on my team over a lot of guys making more money. People need to understand the value of leadership and chemistry and this guy has both.

Lee - A - guy has transformed into a phenomenal player. For his salary you cant ask for more production. He has jumped into a second tier PF in the league and is playing tremendous basketball. However if he is resigned at makes 12MM a year he instantly become overrated which is my biggest fear with him.

Q - D - the guy cant shoot he cant play defense he is fat and out of shape. The only thing that saves him from an F is the fact that he does show some leadership. Reduced minutes could become a problem.

Chandler - B+ : as a first round pick you would expect to crack your rotation in his second yr. While he gets somewhat of a pass bc his rookie situation was a disaster. He plays well and sometimes looks like an absolute stud, other times he becomes a ghost. Needs to develop more of an attitude and gain some swagger.

Nate - B : has played out of his mind at times and has also played awful. He single handedly won us the ATL game but cost us many games as well.

Gallo - C + : only gets rated underperformed b/c he was injured for so long which is not really his fault. You have to be happy with what you are seeing given he is less than 20 games into his NBA career, might not be 100% physically, and is only 19 yrs old. He has to learn the AMERICAN way of playing basketball and how to become more involved in the offense. Does seem his teammates shut him out sometimes, but outside of the Clippers game where he shot 2-8 he has played really really well. He is a great shooter and takes guys off the dribble. He has a lot of swag and confidence and seems to be a hard worker.

Harrington - B : exactly what I expected, Crawford in a PF's body who makes less money. I'll take that swap anyday.

Tim THomas - B- also exactly what i expected guy looks like a good rotation player at times and a bum at other times. Seems to excel on DA's teams though.

CURRY - should give him a B- b/c i expect nothing out of this fat piece of **** and that is what i got but b.c he makes so much money he gets a huge F. the guy couldnt give a **** about basketball. All he cares about is jewelry, money and the golden arches. Guy has never touched a weight in his entire life. I remember i went to the Knicks preseason game and sat right next to the Knicks bench. THis ******* spent the entire game talking to RW Mcquarters about his bracelet and where they where going to party later.

Jerome James - will not comment we all know this guys is a bum.