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    Default The Crackpot Thread

    I figure we should start a crackpot thread, where we can list all of the crackpot beliefs that we've heard of, both in and out of KO.

    Why not start with 9/11 was an inside job?

    1) My reason for believing that it was not is that, if the president wanted to drag us into a war, he could have done so by blowing up some sort of military facility, which has been how other presidents have done it, i.e., Polk and the Mexican American War and McKinley and the Spanish-American War, Gulf of Tonkin and Vietnam, etc.

    2) If true controversy existed, in regards to who executed 9/11, mainstream people, as they have done with the Iraq-Al'Qaeda connection, would have come out to address it.

    3) Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, Takfir, and many other Islamists (the term used for Islamic fundamentalists) have a long, long history of killing, and attacking, their own people, kidnapping young girls as wives, robbing, and killing, Christian Arabs, killing their own leaders: Sadat, in 1980, for example; and killing foreigners is a motif, with them: the killings in the valley of the Kings, in Egypt, in 1997, for example.

    4) If everything involving Bush seems to leak out, why hasn't some sort of memo, or a decent member of government bureaucracy, not arisen, with information concerning 9/11 as an inside job?

    BTW, crackpots are more than welcome, here.

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