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Chalmers doesn't need to average 19 ppg...he's playing with a top 3 scorer in the NBA with Wade. He will be Wade's best compliment possible together they made a very good defensive back court.

Cook is a solid 3pt shooter/scorer off the bench, he provides the offense needed for Miami, especially since Miami in the future will have Wade/Beasley...they're looking to add Bosh in 2010 also.

You're right about O'Neal. I wouldn't trust him either. But if he stays healthy I could see Miami > Orlando who just lost Nelson.

Iono, I just like how Miami is built.

They got the franchise player.
The defensive PG who has range and a lot of maturity for a rookie.
The 2nd overall pick, who's overrated to us, which is valid...but the man can score.
Haslem is always solid.
And O'Neil....he's not a 20/9/2 dude no more...but If Miami gets 13-15 ppg 6-8 reb and 2 blk...they're a team that can be a threat....I just like the whole build up with Miami.
I think the Heat are relying on Wade's scoring too much. It seems if Wade scores less than 30, they almost always lose. They need another consistent 20-25 PPG scorer to supplement him. That could be Beasley in the future, but right now it'll be hard for them in the playoffs without one.

If O'Neal can just stay on the court, he could make them tough to beat. He improves their interior defense, and him and Wade can run pick and rolls/pop. Wade is so good off screens, when you pair him with a dynamic big man, he's very tough to deal with. Who knows, maybe the weather in Miami will help him stay healthy.