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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Chalmers doesn't need to average 19 ppg...he's playing with a top 3 scorer in the NBA with Wade. He will be Wade's best compliment possible together they made a very good defensive back court.

    Cook is a solid 3pt shooter/scorer off the bench, he provides the offense needed for Miami, especially since Miami in the future will have Wade/Beasley...they're looking to add Bosh in 2010 also.

    You're right about O'Neal. I wouldn't trust him either. But if he stays healthy I could see Miami > Orlando who just lost Nelson.

    Iono, I just like how Miami is built.

    They got the franchise player.
    The defensive PG who has range and a lot of maturity for a rookie.
    The 2nd overall pick, who's overrated to us, which is valid...but the man can score.
    Haslem is always solid.
    And O'Neil....he's not a 20/9/2 dude no more...but If Miami gets 13-15 ppg 6-8 reb and 2 blk...they're a team that can be a threat....I just like the whole build up with Miami.
    I think the Heat are relying on Wade's scoring too much. It seems if Wade scores less than 30, they almost always lose. They need another consistent 20-25 PPG scorer to supplement him. That could be Beasley in the future, but right now it'll be hard for them in the playoffs without one.

    If O'Neal can just stay on the court, he could make them tough to beat. He improves their interior defense, and him and Wade can run pick and rolls/pop. Wade is so good off screens, when you pair him with a dynamic big man, he's very tough to deal with. Who knows, maybe the weather in Miami will help him stay healthy.

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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Gasol could be deemed soft, but he's really a finesse guy with a lot of skill. Skilled players, especially skilled big men seem to get the soft label automatically because they don't stuff it in guy's faces(no homo), or play with a nasty demeanor.

    Did you know Gasol was a SF before the NBA?
    He averaging 9 rebounds for his career is really impressive, most impressive actually.

    So he actually went from being "soft" to a really good rebounder.
    His "softness" you speak off didn't stop him from being one of the big men in the NBA in the last 7 years.
    He's on the level of KG and Duncan on terms of making the players around them better.
    Gasol is so good, he got Memphis an expansion team into the playoffs consistanly...when posey a 6th man was the 2nd best player on the team.

    Who watches the Minnesota Timberwolves?
    But by the stats, who ever is out rebounding Kevin Love has to be really good, because

    Per 36 minutes he's averaging

    13.2 rebounds per game.
    5.3 offensive rebounders per game(that means he's fighting for rebounds for the offense, is that soft?)

    in his season average (28 minutes)
    he's averaging 8.7

    So in conclusion.

    Kevin Love is the 4th most efficient rebounder in the NBA.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    On list where David Lee is 9th, and the top 3 rebounders are Camby, Howard and Bendrins.

    So who is outrebounding Love besides those guys? With your theory, the rest of the NBA is soft.

    I don't know man, you're probably confusing Kevin Love for Mike Miller because you're way off on this one.

    Foye is lame.
    He isn't a PG.
    He's not a great scorer
    Nor a great shooter
    and was not worth a lottery pick.
    He's a player stuck between positions.
    He's a small 2.
    and a slow 1.
    I feel bad for Minnesota for putting stock into him over the all star Roy.

    Minnesota is a lost franchise...Love/Jefferson's style collide with each other.
    Brewer/Foye are bust.

    Telfair isn't an efficient player.
    Mike Miller is falling off the cliff.
    Thats why i think love is soft. The very first thing you said about gasol.

    Like i said, i think Foye is decent. The only reason i think he performs badly sometimes is because Coach Mchale keeps starting him at PG. He is an SG. He wasn't worth the Top 10 pick ,like you said, but i dont think he totally sucks.

    Since when was Telfair even efficent? and whatever happened to Corey Brewer? I never hear anything about him.

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    AL Jefferson is one of the worst defensive big men in the league. He puts up some nice Fantasy Stats tho. Contrary to popular belief he's not a beast. He's Zach Randolph if he could block.

    It makes me angry that Oklahoma will most likely win 40 to 50 games next year. That team is set at every position. Defensive centers, as my friend says AK47 junior in Sefalosha, and a core with 1 elite player and 2 very good ones.

    Actually if there was a team we should trade draft picks with (assuming it is lower) it is the Thunder. They don't need draft picks now, they need good bench players.

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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Portland, obviously.



    are all star talent...Lopez is probably the only two way center in the NBA(offense, defense). He's not a stiff, very agile for his size.


    Conley, Mayo, Gay, Arthur, Gasol is the best young starting 5 in the NBA.

    They just need a bench and a real head coach.






    Griffin(its obvious at this point)
    Portland - co-sign


    Harris is great, my only knock on him is he gets injured constantly. Being a PG and not being out there consistently to run the floor can hurt the flow.

    Lopez has had a great rookie year but I am not 100% on his bandwagon yet.

    I really think the nets need one more piece to be a great team. Lopez and Harris are not enough.


    The team seems so dysfunctional. It almost looks like they could be knicks 2.0 in the future. I like Gordon, and I believe he is the best perimeter defender out of this draft.


    They will only get better. I think Chalmers and Wade are enough to carry that team to another ring. Beasly and cook aren't even factors. If Beasly starts clicking and Cook continues to be solid then it just ensures the heats success.


    Talent wise, YES. I just hope the coach can get all of that talent together.

    I think you would have to throw the bulls on that list.

    Tyrus is a sick defender. I hated that guy in college and at the start of his NBA career, but I have to admit he is one of the top all around defenders in the NBA.

    Rose has had a great rookie year, and once his body gets used to the stress of the NBA he will be much better.

    Ben Gorden is obvious.

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    I think Grizzlies will suck forever. It's a small time market and they might lose their star players sooner than you think.

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    The Wolves should have never traded Mayo for Love. Mayo would have made everything so easy for Jefferson IMO. The mess up and weird thing that I saw was Mike Miller not shooting or attempting shots all season long. Dude averaged less than 8 shoots attempts a game deferring to guys who are career minor leaguers. If I was a Wolves fan I would be so freaking mad knowing that we traded Mayo and the guys we traded for are so timid and don't shoot the damn ball. I feel sorry for that franchise, give them Griffin we take Rubio, I'll be happy.

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