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    Default Fight Night Round 4

    EA returns to the ring with this fourth entry in the boxing franchise. Featuring a re-written gameplay engine, Fight Night Round 4 adds a variety of fighting styles and boxer differentiation to authentically emulate the greatest fighters of all time. Pressure your opponent with the brawling inside style of young Mike Tyson, bobbing and weaving to set up powerful hooks and uppercuts. Capitalize on Muhammad Ali's reach, hand speed and fleetness of foot to bewilder your opponent with lightning fast jabs and straights from the outside. For the first time in history, Fight Night Round 4 gives you the opportunity to pit these legendary heavyweights against one another and name a true champ. No fight will be the same with an all-new physics-based animation system that recreates the full spectrum of true-to-life punch impacts, giving boxers a devastating arsenal of punches, blocks and ring movement. The new physics system allows for missed punches, glancing punches, knockout blows and for the first time ever, rough and tumble inside fighting. Fatigue, adrenaline, footwork and timing all come into play as you hammer away at your opponents.
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    As ever with video game magazines, someone reads them and puts it all on the internet, and all the Fight Night Round 4 details from this month’s Game Informer are no exception.
    The fighters confirmed so far are Tyson, Ali, Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Winky Wright, Sergio Mora and Emanuel Augustus.
    Also, the strength of your punch is now longer determined by how far back you pull the analogue stick, but how cleanly you make contact with your opponents face.
    “I’m a big fight fan, so I am aware that part of that big fight experience, is the lead up to the fight, the stoppages and the scenes after a big fight has been won,” said a developer to the magazine.
    “In FN4 the cutscenes will accurately and authentically reflect that experience seen on TV; we have them all and they are looking tight! And when I say authentic - Ali won’t be doing the ‘running man’ during his ring walk entrance!”
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] that new media was on its way and the company will hopefully announce the release date soon.
    Full details after the break.
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    • The game features at least a dozen venues from around the world. They are more built than previous titles. This includes more activity around the apron during a fight.
    • Fighters confirmed so far Tyson, Ali, Lennox Lewis, sugar Ray, Winky Wright, Sergio Mora and Emanuel Augustus
    • The strength of a punch is no longer how far back you pull the analogue stick, but how cleanly you make contact.
    • If you’re in close to your opponent and don’t get full arm extension, the power behind your punches are weakened.
    • Boxers now have more hit zones in their faces, and different punches will have different effects depending on where they land.
    • Blocking now has a meter, this meter decays over time, your overall risk increases as the meter decreases. Punches can break through your guard and your arms can be knocked out the way much easier as your opponent works your defence.
    • Fight Night’s new physics system is better suited to providing more realistic outcomes during the moment to moment flow of two boxers constantly trading punches
    • Taking cuts to the face is not about your health meter, the strength of the punch and how directly it lands on your face are more important
    • When Tyson is throwing a punch at your head, don’t try and slap it out of air (referring to R3’s parrying system)
    • 40 licensed boxers, introduces more height and body (like Tyson being small for good inside, and taller Ali being better on outside). Thus, long armed fighters perform better if they stick and move, while shorter boxers like Tyson want to pummel you from close range, negating the advantage of the opponents longer arms.
    • The parry system of old has been done away with. “You won’t want to be attempting to parry one of Tyson’s hooks.” Taller boxers with longer arms will be expected to jab and move, while shorter guys like a Tyson will try to work inside.
    • Another note would be the removal of manoeuvring the thumb-stick in between rounds to work on cuts etc. Cut work and the like will be worked on by a points system being applied to your boxer. You’ll choose from the bank of points you have accumulated and apply them where you see fit.
    • The FNR4 audio will enhance the gameplay experience by reflecting the emotion and excitement that is heard in a real life boxing match. Like much of the rest of the game, we’re building the audio from the ground up and have a load of new audio features for Fn4. This time around, FN4 will feature a 2-man commentary team (talent to be announced)that will bring a whole new level of intelligence and analysis to the game.
    • The crowd will accurately reflect the size of the venue and respond to the action going on in the ring. There are several cool new features with music, and we are also filling out the soundtrack with a wider variety of music that will get the player in the “boxing” headspace from the get go
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    Mike Tyson will finally be in the game. Looks really sick so far. It'll be released this Summer.
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