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Not many pure centers out there who can rebound, run and block. New Orleans will move Chandler this week and IMO he would help our defense big time.

Now, I dont think we can offer more than say Oklahoma, who has like 5 first round picks in the next two drafts plus some nice expiring deals (Joe Smith and Chris Wilcox). But I would be willing to do the following deal if given the chance (it passed in RealGM):

Al Harrington
Nate Robinson
Stephon Marbury


Antonio Daniels
Tyson Chandler
Peja Stojakovic

Our starting 5:


That should get us in the playoffs.

But then again, the lack of draft picks will probably preclude us from making a deal this week.

What do ya'll think about bringing in Tyson?
I would love to have Chandler flanking Lee in the paint but there is no way any trade deal would be considered with out Lee in the mix. Also, if you think about it, would you really want Lee on the floor at the same time? Chandler has a horrible offensive game and Lee's is still developing. It's all about synergy and that's why the tandem of Curry and Chandler worked so well in Chicago. Curry being the dominate scorer but weak defender balanced off Chandler's 1 sided defensive game. It was like these 2 guys made up a whole. You might be better off having Al up front with Chandler to have that mid range threat to keep the opposing defense honest.
You would then have Lee playing at both the 4 and 5 (3 man rotation at the front). But we will not get Chandler with out Lee so that scenario is a pipe dream.
From what I have seen at some of the rumor sites; the Knicks are making a play for Brad Miller. We might be able to get him cheaper; the rumor has the Knicks offering Malik's expiring contract as the main piece. I'm sure the Kings will ask about Lee but I believe we could get him with out Lee involved in the Trade. We might have to part with a different young player like Nate, Wilson or a future draft pick.

Here's a scenario:
Trade Lee and another salary match player for Chandler to start at the 5
See if we could get Miller for Rose and Nate + plus a second round pick.
You could have a starting lineup of:
Tyson Chandler - C
Brad Miller - PF
Wilson Chandler - SF
Richardson - SG
Duhon - PG

We would have a BIG front court!!