Let's keep all the trade deadline fodder & musings into one thread.

Here's "from leftfield" predictions that might suprise people. Becuase of the poor economy, and owners losing so much money, I don't think many teams are as concearned about winning as musg as they are conceared with getting under the cap...perhaps to sell their teams.

There's about 4 or 5 teams that are rumored to be leaving their city and or facing contraction including New Orleans, Charlotte, Sacramento, Memphis

Here they are:

-Kevin Martin will get traded for expirings so that the Maloofs can turn Sacramento into an attracting asset to sell.

-New Orleans may secretly have West on the block so that they can find a way to have room to pay for Peja unless they can magically move him

-Greg Oden gets moved for an impact player

-Stephon Marbury goes nowhere