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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Eh...I'm confused of hell...I wish someone had a breakdown of what happen today.

    I was at work the whole day.
    We traded Jerome James, Tim Thomas, and Anthony Roberson to the Bulls for Larry Hughes. Then, we traded Malik Rose to the Thunder for Chris Wilcox.

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    Donnie Walsh finally did something worth (my) while and meaningful for this Knick Organization in this February deadline....
    Trading Anthony Roberson, Jerome James, Timmy, and Malik.....for C-Wilcox and SG-Hughes.
    Before February....Donnie Walsh sold Knick-Fans a 2 year Dream.....

    My Grade for Donnie Walsh February Deadline trade

    WTF.....I gave Idiot Donnie Walsh a BIG B+
    for what....for getting big Jerome James up off our bench seats
    and showing-face that Anthony was a bad signing
    plus adding two veteran role-players that performs
    at the empty positions (SG & C) we been needing for way to long.

    Wilcox and of these players will add the lift
    that the Knicks need to slide into the 6th seed in the Playoffs.
    Yes! I said 6th place in the Eastern Conference.
    Defense=Hughes, Jefferies, and Wilcox

    All of u forum members that are 2010-Fans or Tank-Fans for an early draft pick
    Walsh did not let u down.....blame the 15 worst teams in the NBA league which let u down
    Oh three homies who been playing above the rim B-Ball they let u down too
    Nate - Lee - Chandler
    The Knicks have a mean 8-Man rotation which consist of all 6th-man players.....Duhon, Nate, Hughes, Q.Rich, Chandler, Al, Lee, and Wilcox....when you throw in Jefferies & Gallo here and there into the mix thats an above .500 record team.

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