The Chicago Bulls have traded Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons and Andres Nocioni to the Sacramento Kings for Brad Miller and John Salmons.

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interesting, all signs point that the bulls will be a better team. miller is a quality center, while salmons was averaging 18 pts a game as a SF this year. Bulls got more talent, while the Kings got some cap relief. I though they could get more for salmons and miller, but i guess not. The Bulls have a pretty nice looking lineup now

PG- D Rose
SG- Ben Gordon/John Salmons (Id say Salmons, because Gordon is good off the bench)
SF- Luol Deng
PF- Tyrus Thomas
C- Brad Miller

Backups: Kirk Hinrick, Ben Gordon/John Salmons, Larry Hughes, Thabo Shevalosha, Joakim Noah

Looks like a very promising roster, they definetely are a legimate threat to take the 8th spot. Somehow i see Vinny Del Negro messing things up lol