Under D'antoni the Suns traded Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion, Rudy Fernandez, Luol Deng, Sergio Rodriguez, Nate Robinson, Quentin Richardson, Stephon Marbury, and Penny Hardaway in order to get under the cap and avoid paying the luxury tax between 2004-2008.

Just a few months ago the Knicks under D'antoni traded Crawford and Randolph in order to get under the cap in 2010. As you read this is not enough to clear cap to sign two allstars. Knowing D'antoni's history he will trade Lee/Nate as all he is doing is showcasing both for other teams. He has traded a world of talent in the past and Lee and Nate will be part of that pattern.

I wouldn't be mad I just can't believe how hard is to build a team so badly shaped by Isiah Thomas.