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    Since the hiphop threads are gettin so many hits and we sometimes talk about our own writin i wanted to start this thread.

    Let me start with my cover of "It Ain't Hard to tell"

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    It Ain't Hard To Tell

    There dreams are for real, i conceal
    Not reveal, the hate i once had is so surreal
    In the game it's life or death, rap till you out of breath
    This world, so messed up with the brothas just inhalin the meth
    Stay true like a promise, not feelin so obnoxious
    I'm doin what i wanna cuz New York is my nirvana
    Crack the plates like an earthquake, impact
    Let my poetry take over now so you can lay down or sit back
    Because of my poems i can express through song
    My true love of life and dislike of tempted wrong
    I used to dream of fame but now i dont care what i sell
    From the street corners the young children dwell
    It Ain't hard to tell

    The mormon lives with many wives, religious beliefs
    Inhale from the cold weed, smoked up by the beasts of the east
    Yes the smell of success, not the hefty stress
    This ain't a test, cause you're messin with the best of the best
    The whole world may not be mine, but like a star i shine
    With these words, flows, and freshness new and oh so refined
    Plus classic, not extinct like jurassic
    Opposed to fascists, keepin hopes alive unlike a loved one's ashes
    So hate me, await me, but never suffocate me
    You think you're me just cause you try to relate to me
    My righteous steps in life might land me a wife
    Fate's plan is well, It ain't hard to tell

    This lyrical providin, in which your mind is now residin
    I'll leave you lustin, yeah, i know you think im bluffin
    Speak with urban slang, my word are ridiculous
    Locked on, so meticulous, street laws like Leviticus
    I dominate this rap game with one golden mic
    The shinin' word sparks a strike, givin the fans euphoria
    in your cornea, witness the story of a young kid
    But God forbid, my life come to a skid
    I'm a true fighter, in my book of rhymes im one love writer
    Searchin like a mother for a lost child
    So wise like the old owl, the haters riled
    thought they need not fire
    stop the hatin, just focus and aim higher
    My art is one that excels,
    It ain't hard to tell...

    What do yall think? Post yours too if u got any
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