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So what are your thoughts on the Rooster?
You probably haven't read many of my posts on him. I think that, at best, he's a roleplayer, in the mold of other 3 point specialists, though his D has to be developed to the point that he is no longer a defensive liability. At worst, he'll be a perennial bench guy, used as a trading chip, until his contract runs out and he's no longer in the league.

Either way, we fugged up, by drafting a guy that we didn't need, who makes more money than a lot of other rooks, and who's playing a lot worst than they are: Brook Lopez would have solved our needs at the center position (he's playing like he could be a future all-star) and Eric Gordon, Anthony Randolph, and Jarreyd Bayless are all guys that would have been better picks and are contributing much more to their teams. That being said, what's done is done. All you can do is hope for the best.