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He's always been mad talented, dude should of been all star, but new systems/coaches/injuries plagued him.

He has a young body still...I could ride out with Hughes at SG...he's quality, especially at this system, plus he defends well.

Robinson's D is mad underrated because who else on this team is a defensive pest, disrupting plays on D? Thats always been ignored...Robinson gives a lot of energy on D...

I want Nate and Larry starting...they're mad dynamic side by side.

Nate/Larry > Devin/Vince
bold statement after only one game, and we all kno hughes has a tendency to be incostent. however, i was a supporter of the trade from the begininning, trading scrubs for a semi-talented player sounded good. and as ive been saying all along i expect hughes to average 15-17 ppg. it would be interesting to see robinson inserted into the starting lineup, but i doubt d'antoni would do this. im hopin duhon gets out of this long slump