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    Thumbs up Oh snap!! We gotta game tonight my fellow knicks fans

    Knicks @ Detroit tonight @ 7:30pm ET

    Just a couple of quick notes on last nights game.....

    -Larry Hughes >> Q-Rich
    I think Hughes' problem was that he wasnt playing in an open system while he was in Cleveland and Chicago. Once upon a time he averaged 22 points per game with the Wizards. Hes looking like a good player again now that hes in more of an open system. I really like his defense too, hes got great hands (no homo)

    -I like the **** (no homo)
    Hes a much better defender then I think anyone would have guessed. Hes got good reflexes and very good instincts. I know he didnt score last night, but I think hes a keeper.

    -Chris Duhorn is a bum
    Turnover prone, and hes an average defender...nothing spectacular, like he was falsely advertised to be. Whys he even in the starting lineup? Duhorn stans will get upset and say stuff like "oh what about when he set that record against the Warriors" shut ya bumba Duhorn is a

    And one quick note about tonights game....

    I believe that Iverson is still out, but Detroit has played better without him. They are a tough team but if we bring our A game and make our shots, we can win. If we play like pansys with no heart, we will lose. Its as simple as that.

    Have a good night fellas, enjoy the game

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