I'll say one thing I didn't like about Nate's play, while he played decent most of the game, with the Knicks down 2 with like 2 minutes left or so he drives to the basket and throws up a retarded looking reverse layup and hits the ground. He lies on the ground, trying to milk it for a call, while his team on defense plays 5 on 4. It reminded me of Limas Sweed faking an injury.

In that situation, I don't care what happens. You HAVE to get back on defense. You HAVE to at least try. Don't try and milk your "injury", even if you feel hurt, you have to be another body on defense. Then, when the timeout was called, Nate WALKED OFF THE COURT on his own power AND came BACK in the game after the minute long timeout. You have to get back on defense, obviously he wasn't hurt THAT bad if he could walk off on his own. He wasn't going to get the call, what was he doing for the 20-30 seconds that the Cavs were passing the ball around the court and getting a wide-open three pointer that they drilled? There wasn't even a foul on the play. I can accept missing shots, I can accept just being beat by another team, I can't accept a lack of effort. That play, in such a crucial time, reeked of a lack of effort.