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    Lightbulb The Obama Deception (Released 03/15/09) (Important View) [Updated 03/26/09]

    We're already falling head first into the hole, and Obama isn't doing anything to dampen the fall, only everything his superiors wish.

    [Updated March, 26th, 2009]

    This film exposes Obama and explains the people who pull his strings as well as his surrounding anti-liberty cabinet-

    Google Video: = [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Alex Jones on the Obama Deception:

    YouTube HQ FULL Film:

    Obama Deception PART 2 coming out July 4th (usually earlier then stated) Part 2 will go further into depth and what The Obama Administration/controllers have been doing in these recent months.
    Legislation He Signed and Passed:

    (_1_/-Signed Stimulus Bill (Taking more from tax payers & their children's children's future while also drawing the dollar closer to inflation)

    (_2_/-Authorization of FEMA camps Bill passed:

    (_3_/-National Service Bill...pending (Give Act) (Youth will be forced to serve which is unconstitutional):


    -Is Sending 40,000 more troops to Afganistan and is considering to extend it to 400,000.

    There is more & more to come, I didn't even mention everything.

    Immortal Technique Telling it like it is:

    Dead Prez:
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