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Today the Knicks will be playing the 50-18 Orlando Magic. The Knicks are 28-40. The Knicks are also coming off a very depressing loss to the King. Here's the highlights of the game. (Even though there really wasn't any)!!!!!!!!!!!

<!-- left column -->Kings 121, Knicks 94


Magic's Last Game

<!-- left column --><!-- url: --><!-- videoId: 0-->Magic 106, Bucks 80

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Howard had 28 points 12 boards and 7 assists
Hedo had 14 Lewis had 13. JJ Reick GO DUKE had 9 points

The Knicks will be playing against the "new Magic" with Alston.

<!-- begin left column --> <!-- begin player --> <!-- begin playerStatCont --> Rafer Alston #1 PG
<!-- comp -->

<table class="tablehead statCont" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1"><tbody><tr class="gamehead"><td colspan="4">2008-09 STATS</td></tr> <tr class="colhead playerStatSub"><td>PPG</td><td>APG</td><td>SPG</td></tr> <tr class="oddrow playerStats"><td>11.7</td><td>5.4</td><td>1.4</td></tr></tbody></table>
A key stat with him, is that he scores 13.0 ppg vs the Knicks in his career.

Fast Facts

  • The Magic are 5-2 in March
  • 86% of America picked the Magic to win this game
  • 14% picked the Knicks
  • The Knicks are 4-6 in the last 10
  • David Lee has 16.1 ppg this year

When [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] guard [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] and [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] center [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] squared off in the slam dunk contest over All-Star weekend, the 5-foot-9 Robinson came out on top after jumping over his 6-foot-11 counterpart.
Less than two weeks later, Howard's size was way too much for Robinson and the Knicks.The Magic will likely again rely heavily on Howard against the undersized Knicks as the teams open a home-and-home series Saturday night in Orlando.Robinson defeated Howard in the dunk contest finals Feb. 14, leaping over Howard for one dunk that earned him a perfect score in the last round and helped him unseat the All-Star post player as the contest champion.Robinson and the Knicks, though, couldn't handle Howard's size Feb. 25. Howard had 24 points and 21 rebounds to lead Orlando (50-18) to a 114-109 road victory. He also had four blocked shots against a small and overmatched New York frontline.The Knicks (28-40) started an even smaller lineup in their last game Friday night. Robinson and point guard [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] started in the backcourt, with 6-foot-5 shooting guard [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] joining 6-foot-8 [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] at forward. [Only registered and activated users can see links. ], who's 6-foot-9, remained at center.New York coach Mike D'Antoni might be compelled to make some adjustments, however, after watching his team struggle through a 121-94 home loss to Sacramento, which had lost all 28 of its games against the Eastern Conference before Friday.Robinson had 19 points to lead New York, which shot 39.8 percent.The Knicks, ranking near the top of the league with 105.6 points per game in their first season under D'Antoni, have been held to 92.0 during their three-game losing streak. After Friday's game, D'Antoni wondered if his players have hit a wall and laughed when asked if he could still envision a playoff push.New York's in 12th place in the East, 3 1/2 games behind Chicago, which currently holds the eighth and final playoff spot."We can't make a shot, we don't have legs to get by people and we don't have legs to stop anybody," D'Antoni said. "Just nobody has any physical presence."Magic coach Stan Van Gundy was far more pleased with his team's performance in a 106-80 win at Milwaukee on Wednesday night. Howard had 28 points, 12 rebounds and a career high-tying seven assists after being limited offensively in a loss to Cleveland the previous night."Coming off of yesterday, no hangover, great energy," Van Gundy said of Orlando's overall play. "Went up and down the court, played great defense -- and Dwight was tremendous."It's really hard to argue with our competitiveness. I think that there's a lot of things that we still need to improve on, but our guys come out and play for the most part. I think in terms of that, we're about as consistent as any team in the league."The Magic have won eight of their last 10 to pull within one game of Boston for second place in the East. They've also won five of six against the Knicks, with Howard posting three 20-20 games in that stretch.Robinson had a career scoring average of 6.9 against Orlando before leading New York with 32 points off the bench in the February loss.The Knicks and Magic square off at Madison Square Garden on Monday night before closing their season series in Orlando on April 10.

Official JPZ game time prediction

28-40 50-18

That's right, 108-113. Note: This is the first time Jpz has picked the Knicks to lose.


The Magic have been on a roll this year, coming in everyone knew they would be good, and a team that could make some noise in the east. But so far the Magic have been among the best teams in League and are proving to be serious championship contenders. The Knicks on the other hand have been a surprise in their own way, coming in everyone wrote them off and said they would be at the bottom of the NBA. We have proven them wrong as we have been decent this year, up and down all year, and at times look good on the court and like a team that can/will compete for a playoff spot next year, at other teams we look lost an like the team of old. The Knicks have been a bad road team, but the Magic have been a great home team, expect this to be close early, and have an ugly finish.

The Knicks need a win over a good team just to prove themselves, after the 2 debacles at the Garden vs the Nets and Kings. But it'll will be hard to come by against the Magic. Dwight Howard will have a field day. There's really no avoiding that, there's no one who can guard him. Our only hope is to double and triple team him, and quickly rotate to 3 point shooters. We also have to be wary of Hedo Turkoglu. He's a very good shooter, and also very proficient at getting to the basket. He's also one of the most clutch players in the league, so he will also be tough to handle. We really have very little hope of winning this game. Their much more talented than us, and we've been playing with no pride. My prediction: Knicks-105 Magic-120

wight vs. Nate is just dunk contest material. Has no real meaning in the season itself.

However, since this is a low-profile game... a Superman vs. KryptoNate could actually turn out to be the only story of the game.

Unless... The Knicks win... Ugh...

Believing when not believed in by others! Proving to be better than what others believe!
Fighting for what is said to be for others to fight for! Showing up when the others are there showing off!

That is your 08-09 Orlando Magic! Bring it!
We better not have any problems with this back to back NY stuff. This should be a gimme and hoping that Boston loses to SA, we can gladly move to no. 2
Magic win by 10+.
They seem confident.....



  • Stop Howard
  • Stop Howard
  • Get Nate in the game for the whole game
  • Lee having a good game
  • Stop DWIGHT HOWARD!!!!

  1. Nate V Howard!!
  2. Harrington V Lewis even matchup
  3. Upset Knick fans
  4. A preview of the national tv game
  5. High score
and now it's time for JPZ's starting lineup

New York Knicks Position Orlando Magic
JPZ17's Key matchup

*David Lee C Dwight Howard*

Howard is 21ppg and 14 rpg, compared to Lee's 16ppg. Howard has this easy, but if Lee has a great game it could be close.

Al Harrington PF Rashard Lewis

17ppg by Lewis, 20.2 ppg for Harrington. This is a very close matchup, they are so similar. Should be fun!

Wilson Chandler SF Hedo Turkoglu
Hedo has this if he plays a decent game, He is avergaing 17ppg Compared to 14ppg by Chandler.
Larry Hughes SG Courtney Lee

Should be very easy, lets take advantage and get Nate in to dominate.

Chris Duhon PG Rafer Alston

Alston is new, but he has talent that Duhon doesn't. Duhon is a better passer but Alston can drive to the basketbal plushe can make the game winning shot. We all know Duhon can't do that.

JPZ17's Player Pressure
Which Knicks is under the most pressure to succeed????

The answer: Mike D'Antoni

Knick fans are upset, if we lose this bad they will boo him. Mike has done a good job with the Knicks so far that no one thought was possible, but now its time for that playoff push the Mike could'nt ever do.

JPZ's Inspiring Knicks Quote

"If you think D'Antoni is an idiot, you're the idiot"-Donnie Walsh

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Stay classy New York

Go New York Knicksssss!