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I do not approve of Mike D'Antoni. It is his and Donnie Walsh's fault why the Knicks are headed for another lottery season.

The Knicks would have made the playoffs this year, had they drafted
Brook Lopez, and kept Marbury, Crawford, and Randolph.

Larry Hughes sucks
Al Harrington is not good enough to lead a team(not his fault, he's just not good enough).
Cuttino Mobley didn't even get to play for the Knicks.
Tim Thomas was barely used
Chris Wilcox barely gets any minutes.
Stephon Marbury got 19-20 million for not playing, when he was in shape and ready to go.

Patrick Ewing should have been the head coach, not D'Antoni.

CO-SIGN. D'Antoni has improved on last year's record, but, before last year, for those whose memory extends beyond what they hear from game announcers, some of us know that in 2006-2007 and 2005-2006, we won 33 games. This year, we might not even win 33 games.

Why? Because D'Antoni traded our players for a 2010 plan, which will probably fail. Walsh has said that D'Antoni has been allowed to influence what players we currently have, because he believes coaches should make roster decisions.

Like ABCD said, we should have kept our players, who have only underachieved because they have not had a real big man, to stabilize the middle and give us low post scoring. With Brook added to that lineup, we would have, in my opinion, gotten any seed, from 4-6. Unfortunately, Brook's dad didn't play with Mike D'Antoni.

And there's no way, whatsoever, that you can say that D'Antoni is the best coach in the NBA. It's very difficult to rank coaches, because it's impossible to know what a coach is really like, from one's couch or even from the seats of a venue. You have to be on the bench, listening to the advice, looking at the plays, you have to be at the practices, as well, in order to really know what a guy is about. The best coaches are ones that use lots of logic and base their decisions on the fundamentals of the game, with sensitivity to specific situations. They also are able to get their players to buy into, and adjust to, what they want.