The Knicks played a decent "Team-Ball" game vs the Magic....although the Knicks loss 103-110....Breen & Frazier could not help from repeating throughout the Magic game "What happen to the team that played against the Nets & Kings?".
The Knicks scored 51 points in the second-half however....the Knicks fouling-defense only allowed the Magic to score 51 points in the second-half too.

Larry Hughes did not get any playingtime in the second-half of this Magic game....which gave "Duhon & Nate" back their main job they started at the start of the season of being the "Quarterback" and leaders at the point for this Knick team to be competitive vs any competition throughout the second-half of the Magic game.
Larry Hughes averaging 31 minutes of playingtime in the Knicks last 15 Knick games as a "Starter and Finisher" took the Knicks out of the playoff race (13 games below .500) had his teammates give-up performing as early as the first-quarter.....something every Knick-fan witness already in the last four seasons with "Marbury & Crawford" leading the point.
All I can say is "Larry Hughes" left toe injury is 15 games late....Herb Williams & Q.Richardson should've spoke up weeks before the "Nets & Kings" game.

Wilcox performance showed that he was the best player we received during the trading deadline for this Knick team inwhich deserved decent playingtime to "JELL" with his new Knick teammates as a backup bigman. His low post performance on defense vs the Magic (6.10 and bigger 3-starters) made them spread out their offense to score from the peremeter to win this tight scoring game (Dwight Superman Howard fouled-out with 4 minutes left in the game).

P.S. It would've made alot of sense 16 games ago to add Wilcox 6-fouls, rebounding put-backs, and slashing to the hoop performance in our weak bigmen rotation of Lee, Harrington, and Jefferies....rather than just let him play in 12 games averaging 9 minutes of garbage time.