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    I change my favorite movies around, all the time. There are just too many good ones, out there, to choose only five favorites.

    1. Appaloosa: I'm a big Western fan, and this is currently my favorite: very engrossing, really good bad guys that make you want them to die. And a real slut that you wish would get sold to some Navajo Indians for a horse or something.

    2. Into the Wild: Great story about a guy who just gave up on the world and decided to go "into the wild."

    3. If you hate people, you'll love this film about a woman who can't bear to be bothered with helping a homeless man that got stuck in her windshield, after a hit and run.

    4. Traitor: An action film. Way better than the Bourne films, very deep, starring a Black actor, other than Will Smith or Denzel (Don Cheadle), a nice change:

    5. Donnie Darko: Crazy film, about a teenager, sacrifice, time travel, parallel universes. You must watch the version with the time travel narration thingy, though. If you watch it without it, it's not nearly as good.

    Honorable mention: Star Trek Wrath of Khan: Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!; Let the Right One in; the Man from Earth; A clockwork orange; Leon; Once upon a time in the west; Unforgiven; The Crow, etc., etc.
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