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    Just finished watching Juice again on Vimeo. Damn that movie never gets old. If you haven't watched it yet then I strongly suggest that you just kick back, relax, and watch this **it!

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    Glad I found this thread! The thing about movie lists is that they're hard to do! I'll give you these 5 movies today, but if you ask me again tomorrow it might be a different 5. Anyway, these are the 5 that come to mind today. Each has taken some root in my brain after watching them, so even if they are not truly my All-Time Top 5, they are still worthy of inclusion here because I can't think of any others, and that's worth noting too.

    Here we go:

    Mr. Brooks is the best thriller I've ever seen, he'll slash them, gash them, plus you have Dane Cook who is a lunatic.

    Dumb and Dumber is my favorite comedy of all-time, hands down man down. It's one of the very few movies I can watch over and over, and over again.

    The one that started it all, and they'll never repeat it. What a concept, what execution, what a ****ing movie.

    Here is a Yugoslavian movie I remember from when I was growing up there. I saw it again later when I was older and better able to appreciate the situation in my home country, so I have to include it here, really a special film. I am not sure if there is an English translation or not, but maybe it does not matter. It captures the Yugoslavian character in a special way and I think much of this would be lost on translations anyway.

    A little bit weird movie, but not very weird. Bill Murray is the man in anything he touches and in this one he had the dry humor going all the way. Classic. Take a few tokes from the old bong or roll a blunt up and enjoy this unique comedy.

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