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    Stan has a point there, why wasn't Ewing an assistant? I'm sure Mark Jackson was offered a spot. but I think he wants head coach anywhere
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    is ewings too old to make comback as player? maybe sign him in 10 day contarct andd see if knees of him hold up, he mite help usin final push toward playoff this season
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    I heard Ewing might take the head coaching job at Washington.

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    Jeff Van Gundy even said that Stan was being too sensative about the whole situation. Jeff praised Donnie Walsh as a GM and said he doesnt think the Knick managment are taking advantage of Pat by using these honorary moments to sell tickets. Plus what does giving him an interview for the sake of doing so really mean, to me that is more disrespectful if you really have no intenitons on actually hiring him. The one thing Walsh did that I didnt like was interviewing Herb for the job last Spring when we all knew that there was no chance he would get the job. So should we really patronize the greatest player of our franchise like that

    Back to Pat as a coach, look Pat has to pay his dues as an assistant first, and then establish himself some where else before getting a gig in NY. This was my argument against Mark Jackson last year, NY is not the place you learn how to be a head coach at in any sport. I think Jeff Van Gundy was an exception, but even he was an assistant for The Knicks under Pat Riley before taking over as head coach. If Patrick failed as coach in NY then you have to believe his legacy is tarnished somewhat, so better make sure he is up for the challenge.

    I'm not saying Ewing won't be a good coach, but he isnt ready to coach in NY just yet. Let him go somewhere like Washington, show and prove and then we can consider him. I mean after all it was in Indiana, not Boston where Bird got his one and only shot to coach and no one thought of that as disrespect, so Ron Jeremy needs to have a Slim Fast and chill!

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    Default Excellent Piece on the Situation by Alan Hahn

    Stan Van Gundy's unprovoked rant Monday about the Knicks using Patrick Ewing "to help them sellout the building" was clearly premeditated. Those closest to Ewing know how much it bothers him that other people (see: Isiah Thomas) have had control of a franchise he carried on his shoulders for 15 years and had to watch crash and burn from afar. Give SVG a pass here because he's sticking up for his guy and that's fine.
    But for Van Gundy to say "the organization sort of pretends to appreciate him" is way over the top. There is a new regime in place and it's not fair to lump Donnie Walsh -- who is unquestionably trying to do the right thing here in re-connecting the wayward franchise (and it's fan-base, to that matter) to its past -- with those who came before him.
    Let's not forget that Walsh said he wanted to speak with Ewing during the coaching search last spring, but Magic GM Otis Smith would not give permission while the Magic were still in the playoffs. The same went for Tom Thibodeau of the Boston Celtics.
    Sure, Walsh could have waited and let Mike D'Antoni, clearly the most accomplished and experienced coach available (after Stan's brother, Jeff, said he wasn't interested), take an offer from the Chicago Bulls. But Walsh acted fast, blew the Bulls away and got the man he felt was best for the long-term plan (read: making the Knicks even more attractive for potential star free agents).
    D'Antoni immediately said he would be open to adding Ewing as an assistant coach, but would Ewing want to take the job knowing it might mean one of his best friends, Herb Williams, would be out of a job? (Remember, Herb was the only assistant retained from Isiah's staff).
    Ewing isn't looking for any handouts. He has put in the work as an assistant coach and has learned from both Van Gundys and Doug Collins. If and when he does get a head job, those who know him best say he will need to make sure he -- like any rookie coach -- hires a top assistant with head coaching experience to help him through game management.
    And keep this in mind: like Mark Jackson, who was inches from getting the job, if Ewing was hired to coach the Knicks, he would have had to endure a first season of salary-dump trades (Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford) in the first month, the Stephon Marbury saga and the pressure to prove he could handle the job (including meeting three times a day with the media on game days...which you know Ewing would just love to do, right?).
    I tried to make this point from the very start of the season: this year is more about demolition than it is about making the playoffs. I have debated it all season long, that the playoffs are a nice goal, but with a collection of expiring contracts and an eye on going after star-level talent, this isn't the roster you're going forward with. So don't expect too much.
    And so with that in mind, to hire a rookie coach to handle this transition period would have been a disaster greater than anything that has happened this season, including those losses to the Nets and Kings last week.
    But for those who can't get over it, let's look around the NBA for a second and consider some of the greatest players of Ewing's era who now have NBA positions:
    Michael Jordan - an executive in Charlotte (and previously in Washington) and not in Chicago
    Larry Bird - an executive in Indiana (and not in Boston)
    Isiah Thomas - with the Knicks (previously with Toronto) and not in Detroit
    Dominique Wilkins - a figurehead executive position with Hawks and also a TV analyst
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - a "special assistant" coach with the Lakers
    Magic Johnson - bought a small ownership share of the Lakers, coached them briefly
    Let's assume Ewing, who has made it clear his goal is to be a head coach, would not be interested in what is essentially an apprenticeship role that was given to Allan Houston, which is a "special assistant to the president." Ewing wants to coach. If the Knicks invited him on the staff after this season, why would he take it? Why would he leave a star pupil like Dwight Howard and an established team like the Magic? So he can spend a year going early to the gym only to have Eddy Curry blow off their pre-arranged workouts?
    [Bloghost note: Full disclosure here - I wrote last season about Curry saying he would love to talk more with Ewing. But we're learning over time that Curry, like many of these current Knicks, are really convincing with their pseudo-sincere rhetoric.]
    Patrick's future may be elsewhere, such as in Washington, perhaps, where his coaching career began on Doug Collins' bench. He has an old friend in Ernie Grunfeld, the GM for the Wizards, who should reach out and invite him in for an interview. It would also be a bit of a homecoming for Ewing, who has those Georgetown roots. And there is far less of a media glare there in D.C. and a much better roster (when healthy) that could grant him much-needed success out of the gate.
    As for the Knicks, there is major repair work to be done with this franchise, from its present condition to its future and also to its need to mend so many fences of the past. Monday night was an attempt to begin the latter process.
    Just bloggin.
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    Originally Posted by JayJ44
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    The God of Knicks basketball has spoken!!!! All hail Allan Hahn.

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