Ok so all of us virtual GMs think that David Lee is worth about 10 million per (I've even heard some say as high as 12) because of his rebounding and ability to finish around the rim. Also he plays hard every night and plays hurt. I've heard some compare him to a more athletic version of my All Time favorite Knick, Charles Oak!

Ok, both were/are double double machines, about the same range on the jumper (Oak was a bit more consistent, but, David is steadily improving), both are/were hardworkers. But defensively it is like comparing Jamal Crawford to Derek Harper!

David Lee is an actual one on one liability on Defense. Now it is one thing to get dominated by Dwight Howard, but, Brook Lopez looked like Hakeem against him the other night. Again you can't fault him for Dwight'ss numbers last night, but, how about some help Defense on the othe Magic players occasionally! For all his athleticism the guy never goes after a block.

I'd be all for giving him 10+ if we had a player like Yao, or Tim Duncan to pair him with. David Lee needs a frontcourt partner like Yao or Tim because they can provide low post scoring and blocks which would compliment his game, or rather he would compliment their game!

Teams like SA,Hou,Portland,Utah would greatly benefit from a player like Lee. And unless Eddy comes ready to play like he did in 2007 and is going to block shots like his Sophomre season then David Lee is nothing more than a trade chip for us.

Donnie Walsh showed nice patience in not giving the extension this past Oct. and he needs to be poised this summer, because if we don't some how pick up a shot blocking low post scorer via draft or trade then giving D. Less...I mean D.Lee an extension that adversely affects the cap is not too wise!