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I havent watched em in 7 or 8 games now...i check in everyonce in a while on nba.com to see the score...but what's the deal, are they really tanking it now to get a better pick..
Hell Yeah! they are "TANKING" the season....especially at Home-Games.
Giving Larry Hughes 28 minutes of playingtime is the same as giving Jerome James 28 minutes.

Nate the Great was eating the no-defense Clippers up alive to pump up the Knicks to score 44 points in the first quarter. And Dantoni benches Nate the rest of the game not letting Nate play the last 11 minutes of the game.
Nate had 17 minutes of playingtime vs Clippers.

Without Hughes in the rotation....Nate, Chandler, and Lee could beat the New Orleans Hornets....so dont be suprise at that Knick win.