Ok so in the past day ive seen 2 top 5 threads up here. So i thought, why not make this one? Its bound to ge a lot of people talking, considering we talk about music alot. So what are your five favorite albums ever, the albums that shaped you?

Of course...

Nothing need be said.

Mos Def- Black On Both Sides. This album is really amazing. hiphop at its finest. The song Brooklyn is pure amazing. Plus you got the relaxing beats in it too (Umi Says)

Love it. 6th Sense is pure Common Sense. I think the best song here is the light. The Light is such an amazing song, and tells a beautiful story. Something 99.9% if rappers nowadays cant do...

avenger sevenfold- city of evil
Yes, i like rock too. I love every song on this album, the guitar solos (M.I.A) (Bat Country) are truly beast. My fav rock album. Recommend it for any rock lover.

Yep. My #5 choice is Nas' underrated 2nd album, It was Written. I dont know why so many people considered this a dissapointment, just because of its predecessor. Sweet beats, nice flow, from the man himself, the illmatic ni**a, Nasty Nas.