This was supposed to be the first game I ever saw live at the Garden, but unfortunately things didnt work out so Ill be watching parts of the game from home

As Knicks fans, we have ZERO interest in this game. The season is over for us, the 6 game losing streak did us in. I just think the heart that this team has showed is pathetic, and frustrating. Wheres there hearts at? They shouldnt be calling themselves men the way they played. Its disgusting.

We dont exactly have the most talented team but should we have more then 28 wins? I think we should have a couple more, the fact that we give up over 108 points per game is sad. Theres no excuse of that. I put some of the blame on David Lee for being a terrible defender. Hes softer then cottonelle. Al Harrington is a waste of a good body (no homo), Duhorn is a backup.

Anyways, the only reason why this game means something is because of the very interesting playoff picture in the western conference. From 2nd to 8th, theres only a 4 game seperation. Im very happy to see the Jazz in 7th right now, I never liked them. The Hornets are in 5th, if the playoffs started right now they'd be matched up with Denver..that would be a great first round playoff series.

Even though the knicks are still an embarrassment, I would have loved to go to the game tonight. I have been through a backstage tour of MSG, but i have never seen the knicks play there. You win some and you lose some, I lost this time

Heres a list of games that are actually worth watching

Celtics vs Hawks 7:30 on NBA TV
Nuggets vs Mavericks 8:30