Oh, is that so? So we gotta wise guy, eh?

uhh...oh yea, so right now we have 29 wins and 44 losses. 29 plus 44 equals 73, which means we have 8 games left.

Last year we won 23 games....2 years ago, we won 33 games.

2 years ago, we won 33 games.

2 years ago, we won 33 games.

I think I made my point.

Heres our team from 2 years ago:

Eddy Curry
David Lee
Channing Frye
Nate Robinson
Steve Francis
Renaldo Balkman
Mardy Collins
Malik Rose
Randolph Morris
Kelvin Cato
Jerome James
Jared Jeffries

And now we have this years team....

Chris Duhon
Quentin Richardson
Wilson Chandler
Nate Robinson
David Lee
Eddy Curry
Jared Jeffries
Danilo Gallinari

Al Harrington*

Larry Hughes*
Chris Wilcox*

Tim Thomas*

Jamal Crawford*
Zach Randolph*
Mardy Collins*

The asterisks are there to point out the trades...

The 2006-07 team didnt really have a coach (isiah)

This year, obviously we got D'antoni

Which team had more talent?

Keep in mind that Lee and Nate Robinson are 2 years older...and we have wilson chandler that wasnt on the team then. We also added Chris Duhon.

From the perspective of the average knicks fan, we should have been a better team because we got rid of that "cancer" marbury, added a real coach, and our young players stepped up.

Well thats obviously not the case, we probably wont even win 4 more games and tie our record from 2 years ago, when Isiah Thomas was the coach.

We're supposed to be getting better..not taking steps backward. If D'antoni kept quiet and let Donnie Walsh do the trading/drafting, we would be in a better position right now.

But D'antoni had to have Gallinari (italian connect), he had to have duhorn, and he didnt want marbury on the team.

Whats next?

D'antoni pushes Donnie Walsh to draft Chris "Cottonelle soft" Bosh??

Get the heck outta here D'antoni stans...

That is all for now...thanks for your time