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    Are we still talking about 33 win teams? Is that how low are franchise and fan base can get?

    Anyway, look the plan is going perfect. If we had kept Crawford, Marbury, Randolp we would made the playoffs for sure as our record was 6-3 with Crawford and Randolph averaging 40 points. We traded them, and created a 27 million cap space. We let Marbury go, he is a cancer, an idiot, a thug, and the biggest loser in all of sports. Being in the lottery means more to us know cuz we could do many things with, trading it or moving down to reduce payroll. Its just smart business conducted here at the Garden now a days.

    D'antoni/Walsh have done a great job and by 2010 our team will be the most exiting team in the league.

    Thank You

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    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    2 of the few posts that are actually on topic in this thread...and i definitely respect that opinion. In my mind, i keep comparing the team from 2 years ago to this year...which team is more talented?

    We got young players who are better now, like Lee and Nate...and Wilson Chandler, who was drafted after that year. We swapped Crawford for al harrington, both players really arent that good in my opinion but i would take Harrington over crawford.

    The biggest difference is that we dont have Stephon Marbury anymore, instead we have Chris Duhon. And also, Eddy Curry rarely played this year...which i look at as a good thing. He plays ZERO defense, he clogs the paint, and hes turnover prone.

    So which team is better?

    Does the loss of Marbury = the improvement of Nate R, D Lee, the addition of Wilson chandler, trading crawford for Al Harrington, and Eddy curry not playing?

    Now that i think about it, this indirectly proves the value that Marbury had to our team that year...with such crappy teammates, he carried that team to 33 wins and possibly a playoff birth had he not been injured in early April of that year. This is also more proof of how much better Marbury is then Duhon.

    And yes, i know...were building for the future, but its not like duhorn is part of the future and Marbury expires after this season...
    Sadly I do not think Nate and Lee have really improved. Nate still makes the same bonehead plays again and again with lazy defense. D Lee still plays with zero defense.

    Where are the improvements? You can argue that their numbers are better, but is that because of the system? Do you remember when Zach was around, how bad Lee was playing?

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    [QUOTE=MSGKnickz33;90047] And also, Eddy Curry rarely played this year...which i look at as a good thing. He plays ZERO defense, he clogs the paint, and hes turnover prone.


    I know you absolutely hate Eddy Curry and rightfully so. Any Knick fan should hate Curry at this point but when you talk about the 33 win team two seasons ago he did have his career year.

    I 100% agree that he played absolutely zero defense (who on the team played defense?) but he scored close to 20ppg and was able to draw double and triple teams consistantly.

    He was never going to become an allstar or even an average defender but any team could use a proven low post scorer who draws double teams.

    I think this thread was starting not as an inditement on D'Antoni but as a backhanded way to bring up Marbury and your perception that the team is bad this year because of him. When in reality they haven't been good the last 8 years with or without Marbury.
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