We got the Nuggets tonight...im just gonna post my thoughts on the Knicks, the Nuggets, and our game tonight.

Right now, im disappointed with the Knicks. I think we lost some games that we should have won...we lose to the kings, beat the hornets, then lose to the bobcats. Im beyond tired of watching a team that doesnt play with heart consistently...I've only been watchin bits and pieces of the Knicks games. The other teams are alot more exciting right now, the battle for playoff positioning is really tight right now. Its been tough for years being a knicks fan, but for those of us who are also basketball fans this is the best time of the year. And of course, I put the knicks over other teams but once its like it is right now...6 game losing streak...the a win, then a couple more losses...its not worth watching them right now.

The nuggets have surprised alotta people this year, who thought they would be in 3rd place right now? I would have never expected that, even when they traded AI for Billups. I thought the loss of Camby would hurt them but Billups is an excellent defender, and so is the birdman Chris Anderson. Watch him embarrass a couple players on our team tonight, im callin it right now...Lee gets blocked at least twice by him.

Right now the Rockets are actually tied for 3rd with the Nuggets, they're another team thats surprised me. With all the injuries they had...but they look better without TMac, probably because they run there offense through Yao more. And then you got the Spurs in 2nd...I cant wait for the playoffs. Alotta good matches in both the west and the east. As of right now, the Hawks and the Heat would be playin in the 1st round. Another 15 to 20 days to go, sumthin like that...I cant wait.

The alchemist is one of my favorite producers...i havent reall checked out that new capone n noreaga cd yet, but this song is crack