Ok, we all argue and whine and complain and bitch to each other in the knicks thread. So basically, we hate one another. So i thought of an idea to unify us....to hate another team. We are all Knick fans, with exceptions few and far between. So let us hate.

Which teams do you hate the most?

Los Angeles FAKERS- i'm the antibandwagon, and i can't stand Kobe. I cringe when their bench players make threes. I prefer Boston over LA. I hate LA. I hate the Fakers. I hate the West Coast. nuff said.

Couldnt find a "clippers suck" but they do, they worse than us. So much talent, yet so much epic fail.

hate Jigga and the nets. (except reasonable doubt)
Carter sucks.

I hate the bulls for..obvious reasons

Let the hating commence.