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Apr 21, 2009 2:09 PM EST
Frank Isola reports that most of those in LeBron James' inner circle think he will sign with the Knicks a little over a year from now.

"I've always felt that LeBron would stay but when you talk to people close to him - business people - the majority of them believe he'll be a Knick," writes Isola.

James may feel that winning a championship in Cleveland would allow him to leave town on good terms.

"The thinking is that LeBron would be more inclined to chase his dream of becoming the world's first billion dollar athlete in New York if he were to leave behind a title with the Cavs," writes Isola. "There are those who believe that LeBron wouldn't want to split from his hometown without having raised a championship banner."

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More of pretty much the same at this point...the business side of this and LeBron being LeBron, i think everyone would assume NYC is where the billion thing would happen..ain't go happen in Clev...

And I hope people are all rooting for the Cavs this playoffs...and tonight was a good start for that with Lakers loosin