Why Knicks fans should be rooting for Cavs

April 20, 2009

The Toronto Raptors will offer Chris Bosh a contract extension this summer which gives them the option to trade the All-Star forward should Bosh decide to reject a new contract.
You have to believe that the Cleveland Cavaliers will try the same with LeBron… although they have no plans of trading him if LeBron says no.
If you are of the belief that LeBron James will be coming to New York next summer then by all means you should be pulling for the Cleveland Cavaliers to win their first-ever NBA title.
The thinking is that LeBron would be more inclined to chase his dream of becoming the world’s first billion dollar athlete in New York if he were to leave behind a title with the Cavs. There are those who believe that LeBron wouldn’t want to split from his hometown without having raised a championship banner.
If you are a Knicks fan, you’d like to see LeBron win this year and fall short next season, perhaps even a second-round elimination. That could put him in the right mindset to come to Madison Square Garden.
I’ve always felt that LeBron would stay but when you talk to people close to him - business people - the majority of them believe he’ll be a Knick in two years. Of course, there are some people who also believe that Eddy Curry will be in shape next season.
I have Cleveland reaching the NBA Finals but losing to the Lakers. I don’t see Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson losing for a second straight year. Kobe is still the best player on the planet and will have extra motivation assuming that LeBron is named MVP.

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now, while i like rubio's game, he isn't the end all be all of point guards.
lebron james is practically magic incarnate on the court; he can be the point this team needs.for this upcoming season, plenty of guys can be signed as stop gaps.i see the cavs winning it all this year, cause he's just that good.
now some of you may defer, but you can front all you want now, when you damn well now you'd love to have him on this team.

and if he doesn't come to nyc after next season, it won't be the end of the world.

i wouldn't be against trading that lotto pick to the trollblazers for rudy fernandez.
if not,draft the player with the most upside.either way this team is going to the playoffs next year.(at least i think so)