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    Default John Wall is making a huge mistake

    With this being a very weak Draft class I believe Wall could have gone either 2 or 3 in this draft. At the very least he could have commited to school and tried to enter without an agent to get feedback. If he doesn't go number 1 next year I think he will regret not coming out this year. Also with such a weak class he would be one of the highest regards free agents in a weak free agent class of rookie contracts. Just my opinion.

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    nah, they just changed the rules recently so that guys like Wall couldn't go into the NBA. He easily would go 1st overall over Griffin if he was allowed, but there is not a chance the NBA will allow it to happen. Otherwise, what was the point in making the new rule in the 1st place.

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    he hasn't picked a school yet.rumor has it he didn't think he had the scores to pass.which would be similar to the Jennings situation, only he'd be a 5 year senior.

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