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jst a thought, but if the knicks cant get a first or second pick wud it be smart to root for the wizards to get the second pick? they only want griffen and with agent zero there, getting rubio wud be pointless. the knicks cud offer a trade like this

Wizards Get

Larry Hughes
David Lee
Draft Pick?

Knicks Get

Etan Thomas
Darius Songalia
some1 else who doesnt make a lotta money
Wizards first round pick

knicks give the wizards some luxury tax relief, and a promising young player. we **** our 2010 plan, but i really like rubio, as do a lot on this forum, and the knicks seem to be infatuated with him also.

wat u guys think? wud it work?
That won't work. Lee is a restricted free agent. We can't trade him until we sign him to a deal and we can't sign him to a new deal until after the draft. Same goes for Nate.

Wilson Chandler is tradeable however. I'd be willing to trade him and our pick to move up to get Rubio. Hopefully that doesn't have to happen though.