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It wasn't the Knicks' refusal to start Marbury, it was the whole situation. All the mind games.

First, they say that he's a part of the team, that they have confidence in him. Even though they have no intention of playing him.

Then, they bench him for Chris Duhon in preseason (which Marbury accepted). Even though Marbury started his entire career, and is obviously the superior talent.

1st game of the regular season, D'antoni decides not to play him at all, without letting Starbury know. He had to sit there like a fool, waiting for D'antoni to put him the game.

D'antoni says he's not part of the future, which is a bull**** excuse, because most of the team isn't part of our future. They wouldn't buy him out, and they wouldn't play him. So he's stuck not playing basketball for half a year because of Walsh's/D'antoni's stubborness.

D'antoni obviously didn't plan on playing Starbury since he got here, seemingly just because he simply doesn't like him. Instead of being upfront from day 1, he strings Starbury along until the first day of the regular season. It was a sneaky move, and it probably did affect Marbury mentally. I think a hall of famer and 11 time champion knows enough about the NBA to be able see this.
Ugh here we go again. Look, this is the point I've made over and over again, and nobody has responded to it: What gives Marbury the RIGHT to be a starter? Every single team in the NBA has a 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th man. Every single team in the NBA allows their COACH to decide who those people are. Marbury was slated as the 12th man, end of story. That's the depth chart our coach went with. As Coach he is given the right to make such a decision. Fact is, Stephon Marbury wanted to be one of the top 5 guys, but sometimes the coach decides that he isn't going to be dissuaded by the name. Look, where I'm from, the COACH decides the depth chart, the COACH decides who plays in each game, not the player, not the reputation. I think Marbury was upset because he was seen as #3 on the NY Knicks, and NOT as Stephon Marbury, he was seen just like any other player, and that's where D'Antoni slated him, at the end of the bench.

Complain all you want about how it's unfair to Marbury, the way I see it, it's unfair to everyone else to have a guy be automatically the starter or automatically getting minutes because of his name. The Coach picked the depth chart, erase the name Marbury from your minds and look at it even-handedly. If Stephon Marbury was named John Doe, and he was slated to be the 12th man, nobody would have a problem, because that's the coach's job, to decide who the 12th man is. But, because it's Marbury, everyone takes issue.

Fact is, reasonable minds CAN differ on the issue, this argument has been posited before, it's gone nowhere. You won't convince me that they were unfair to Marbury just like I won't convince you that they were fair, we're too locked in our own dogma to see it. This is just going to turn into yet another flame war.