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Here's the link where Marbury agreed to play off the bench.

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Mike D'Antoni commented on the Marbury situation in LATE NOVEMBER.

He did not comment on the situation in the preseason, or even the start of the season.

During the home opener, everyone expected Marbury to play. That's why they were chanting, "We want steph."

Most people were surprised to not see him play. Even Donnie Walsh was surprised.

If D'Antoni was truly honest, nobody would have been surprised, because he would have told the media his intentions of not using Marbury, way before the start of the season, so that Walsh could have negotiated a buyout agreement last summer, instead of this spring.
Right, because it makes sense for every coach to tell every single person, newspaper and essentially anyone that asks his game plan. Why should D'Antoni HAVE to tell the media ANYTHING? Please explain...

It's my OPINION that the coach shouldn't have to tell the media anything he doesn't want to tell the media, he is entitled in his role as NYK coach to not disclose certain aspects of his gameplan and depth chart to the media.

Even if Marbury AGREED to play off the bench, that STILL doesn't mean the team lied to him. I'm sure Jerome James AGREED to play off the bench, that doesn't mean he was entitled to minutes.