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It's not so much his name that gives Marbury the right to minutes/starting, it's the fact that he was by far the best player on this team. One would think the best player on a team deserves minutes. Usually, a players spot in the rotation is determined by how they play. In this case, it was obvious that D'antoni's decision to bench him had nothing to do with basketball. As fans, we deserve to see the best product possible out on the floor. Mike D'antoni did not put out the best possible team, because of a personal vendetta.

If John Doe was a 2 time all-star, had career averages of 19 and 8, and was the best player on his team, I think most people would take issue with him being a 12th man on a team full of scrubs.
Well, reasonable minds can differ on who was the best player on the team and who was the best player FOR the team...

Look, the fact is, the whole "clean slate" issue is a bunch of bull**** everyone is positing here. Wouldn't "clean slate" mean "clean slate"? That is, ignoring whatever the past was (including Marbury's two all-star appearances) and focusing on the situation at hand? None of us were in the locker room, none of us know what was going on, but maybe, just maybe Marbury DID get a COMPLETELY CLEAN SLATE.

That is, Anthony Roberson started in the same position as Stephon Marbury. Past all star appearances didn't matter. Past statistics didn't matter. Everyone was graded on what they brought to the table THAT DAY. There were many reports that many on the team did not like Marbury, that the tension between him and his teammates was palpable. So, based on what Stephon Marbury brought to the team THAT DAY and THAT VERY SECOND, he just didn't fit in with what Mike D'Antoni wanted.

Chris Webber is a borderline hall of famer, he barely saw minutes in Golden State, a straight up terrible team. **** happens, talent fades, what they bring to the table disappears.

MAYBE D'Antoni preferred starting his young guys and getting them minutes over putting a guy out there who wouldn't be on the team in 2009-10. MAYBE D'Antoni didn't like what he saw from Marbury in terms of his attitude or even his play in the preseason and as a "clean slate" person, he missed out on playing time. MAYBE D'Antoni saw Marbury jawing with Eddie House, thought "This guy hasn't changed since Phoenix," and didn't want Marbury representing NY or him on the court. But none of us know D'Antoni's motivation, because as it has been said over and over and over again...


But apparently saying nothing makes you a liar.