i dont see why this is an arguement. yes the situation was handled poorly, and the new york media asdded fuel to the fire, yes marbusry was shafted, yes marbury got swung out of a deal, yes marbury was ready for training camp and ready to be a starter. yes. yes. yes.

but question, where is our loyalty? if the coach wanted to get rid of a player who also siad to the media 'after this season, im going to play in europe', why is this an issue? the hard core marbury fan (msg) would be upset by this, because marbury is his favorite player. Lebron in mine, and if the cavs ****ted on him like the knicks ****ted on marbury, i would battle all of you as well. the reason i dont care, is that marbury deserves a lot of the **** he's bin through imo.

lets just say we played marbury, how much difference would it have made? how many more games would have been won or lost? if he played well, do we renew his contract? let him leave to go to europe? forget about 2010? sign him for a vets minimum? (which he would only do on a championship contender and no the team he grew up playing and cheering for) really and truly....what is the point of talking about him? hes gone, been gone, he's not coming back, he is now an enimy