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Marbury is the greatest Knicks PG since Frazier.
Mark Jackson did a lot more for the Knicks at pg than Marbury. He was pivotal in PLAYOFF wins against Boston (vs DJ and Lewis) Detroit (vs Dumars & Isiah) and Phily (vs Cheeks & Hawkins). That's an impressive feat against some very classy opponents.

Marbury got to one playoff round v J Kidd and was embarrassed by him.

-He shot 37%fg and scored 21ppg (not bad) as the 1st option.
-30% 3fg
-3.5 to/
-and only 6 assists/game (Penny was second at 6apg w 17 points. Duhon gets more assists than that/40 mins)
-in 43 mins/ game

Kidd borderline triple doubled the series. (Does anyone remember Gaybury saying he was better than Kidd? Or to be precise; "I'm the best pg in the league" in his first year @ Phoenix.

when Tim Thomas was flattened by the Nets Jason Collins that year our "lesbian leader" Marbury just looked scared...

Mark Jackson is the best pg followed by Charlie Ward since Clyde Frazier.