It is pretty silly that this is even a thread, let alone a 5-6 page one that people are actually dissing each other over. First of all, Stephony is not even on our team anymore. Secondly, carrying the Celtics??? Get real. You could argue that Paul Pierce, Rondo, Ray Allen, or even Big Baby is carry the Celts, but Stephony??? The ball boy is doing more for the Celts than Stephony. Seriously this thread should be shut down immediatly before anybody else makes fools of themselves. Stephony is done in the NBA after this. Euroball fans can have fun watching him play for the Little Italy Pisa team or whatever so the rest of us real basketball fans can be done with this tatoo sporting jughead. Why even agrue how it came to this??? Anybody who thought that Stephony was going to play for the Knicks this year with D'antoni coaching is like the scarecrow who wished for a brain. Its over. Let it go.