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Bernard King? He missed the ENTIRE 85-86 season!!! Then played like 7-8 games in the next as far as I know? He played well, but the knicks released him and the Wizards gained a star. Stupid.

Ewing's first 2 seasons, the Knicks were one of the worst teams in the east. Haven't you watched "Patrick Ewing Standing Tall"?

Jackson was the ultimate addition for success. His first 4 seasons were really productive, his second being the most impressive stats wise.

Tucker, Henderson and Walker (wtf?) were all scrubs.

And Bill Cartwight a potential 20ppg scorer? Ludicrous! Michael Jordan himself complained out right about his acquisition for Oakley in the 89-90 NY-Chicago trade. Bill Cartwright had the 2nd worst shot in history behind Marion who is actually reasonably accurate.

Marbury lead a crap team in an Eastern Conference that's never been more pathetic than it was the year the Knicks were swept by NJ.

As far as the Kidd comment, that was merely a comparison between both Marbury & Jackson taking on superior talent at the point (Though in Jackson's case winning). Nothing more.

Charlie Ward was the great Tim Hardaway's worst nightmare defensively and orchestrated memorable perimeter and on ball defense. He was extremely calculated & every coach at the Knicks had the utmost faith in him at the point. That's not a glorification, it's a fact.

Marbury, has been each of his teams management's worst nightmares.

As far as Knicks point guards go:

Jackson, Ward>>>>>>>>Marbury. Not even close.

As far as those acquired by NY to be "the face of the franchise":

Everyone>>>>>>>>Marbury--------pre & post Ewing

Rod Strickland btw was evicted for much the same reasons as Marbury at each stop. He was a bitch.
I guess Crazy 8's isn't so crazy after all cause he's keepin' it way too real. Great post!!!!