I thought Knicks fans ALWAYS hated the Celtics and ALWAYS wanted them to lose?For those on here that are rooting for the Celtics to win just b/c of Marbury should be ashamed.Don't tell me that you are just rooting for them just b/c your player is playing for them either.If you want them to win then you are Celtics fan and should post this Marbury crap on your new teams site(Celtics)

Marbury fans are going to have to face the fact that Marbury is gone!! He isn't a Knick no more and never will be again.So its time for you to make a choice and that is are you going to stay a Knick and quit bringing Marbury up with thread after thread OR are you going to switch teams and become a Celtics fan and join their bandwagan.

I could be all wrong I might be the only one on here that feels this way about seeing Marbury thread after Marbury thread.If nobody else feels the same way that I do and and don't get tired of reading Marbury threads then I won't bring it up again.GO KNICKS!!!!!