Marbury is the biggest idiot the league has had since he came to it. Even before he was drafted he was talking **** that he wouldn't play for the Bucks/Clippers. He quit on the T-Wolves because jealous of Garnett and his 126 million contract. He then quit on Nets because he hated Keith Van Horn. He quit on the Suns under D'antoni. He then quit on the Knicks for so many reasons and people on this site still worship him?

It is incredible to think that some here don't understand the value of being a true professional which Marbury was ever with any team. It was all about his 20/8 games and never sacrificing to make others better. All the talent he once had, because I would have chossen him over Iverson in 1996. The guy was simply incredible those first few seasons in Minnesota but everything went south when he wanted to play closer to home. He is a head case and the Mike Tyson of the NBA.