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    Nyk Logo Reasons Lebron will not be a Knick in 2010/11 season.

    *The Cavs will probably get to NBA finals this year and possibly win 2008/09.
    *The Knicks were terrible.
    *The Cavs will probably be in a similar position next year 2009/10.
    *The Knicks will probably be in a similar situation, maybe eeking into the playoffs to be road kill (home or away) for Lebron James and crew.
    *As much as NY and LA are the most popular cities in America and possibly the world, he seems to be doing fine marketing himself across the nation and world.
    *He has transcended the need for NY media, because we cover his everymove anyway. He's already one of the hottest(not in gay way) endorsment figures in America and elsewhere.
    *Basically it the money will be the same here or in clevland, the popularity is the same. The Coverage will be the same.
    the only thing he will be concerened with is a winning team and we are behind the 8 ball on that one.

    *There is a likely chance that we will get lebron when he is old and not as valuable, but not in 2010/11.

    We'll get someone, just not him. We'll probably over pay for some guys and be stuck with another marbury situation and thats my optimist talking.
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