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    Default Knicks must go after Jason Kidd

    1.The Knicks have an extremely small chance that they're going to land Rubio.

    2.They will not be a winning team with Duhon as their point guard.

    3.With Jason Kidd in D'antoni's system this team could win at least 10 more games next season and perhaps make the playoffs.

    4.It won't hurt the Knicks to not sign Lee and Nate and give Kidd at least a 2 to 3 year contract.

    5.If the Knicks make the playoffs next season with Kidd as their PG it could attract other free agents for 2010.

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    The Knicks can't afford Kidd, so signing him is impossible. Kidd is getting old too..I don't think he'll attract any FA to sign here. People have to stop worrying about what will help us win next year. Next year is a throw away year where playoffs is not the #1 goal. The #1 goal is building team chemistry with players we think will be around from 2010+.. playoffs would be nice, but not something to worry about now.

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    Kidd is going to go to a team like LA, Boston or Clev. so they can piggy back him to a ring, mark my words.

    No player like Kidd goes into a rebuilding situation at this point in his career, so unless Dallas makes a major move that makes them a bonafied contender next season. look for him to go to leave Big D for a sure shot Title Contender
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    Jason Kidd isn't even that much of a game changer anymore. I don't think we would be much better with him. Besides, it would be stupid to start signing veterans when we should be rebuilding and looking for the future. Teams who are on the brink of winning a championship sign veterans like Kidd, not rebuilding teams looking to get into the playoffs.

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    the only word that comes to mind when mentioning jason kidd is...OLD...

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    after watching a season of duhon taking zero shots or driving wide open lanes only to pass the ball, kidd is the last thing we need. Who exactly will he pass to? We need a pg who can get to the hole, drive the lane hard, and hit clutch shots, and being in the prime of their career might help (cough sounds like a certain point guard that was recently on our roster cough).
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