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    Default Chris Wilcox wants to remain a Knick, How do we break the news to him?

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    I have nothing against Chris Wilcox, I think his game is what it is and just like Malik Rose (the man he was traded for) you know what to expect from him and he delivers just about that. But, we all know (and he does too) that Donnie will not be offering him an extension for anything more than one year 1 million dollars, if even that.

    So Just like Anthony Bonner, Quintel Woods, and Fred Jones we appreciate your time here....but your not in our future plans Chris so like those before you no extension granted!

    I would really like Chris if our roster and cap situation was different, but it isnt so he has to go.

    Back to what to do about Nate and David Lee!
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

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    I disagree, I like him alot and feel like he purposely didn't get alot of minutes bc Donnie wants his value to stay down so he can resign him cheaper.

    He can run a pick and roll pretty well and can rebound the ball. He is great depth at the 4 and maybe even some 5, when Jeffries and Curry get tired from lighting it up.

    If he got serious minutes I think he could contribute alot more than you think. Look at the Rockets' guys at the 4/5 just to show how important depth is.

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