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We could sign Nash, Sessions or trade someone for a PG but I feel a BIG is harder to acquire. I guess we're saying the same thing but I proritize a Big over a PG for quicker improvement. But all in all we need both plus more. My question is why Curry now? We weren't coveting him while he was playing it was all about Rubio. Now he is made to be our priority (by the media) when our issues were defesive and low post players. Why not address our glaring needs 1st then a guard? I mean we had good shooters and will add more in Gallo and Curry but the results will be the same with Curry, Chandler and Gallo in the back court b/c we didn't address the issue imo. Just saying do we expect to improve next season? Because if so how will Curry help that?
All points taken. I dont think is that the madia is making us covet him, he falls between 6-10....and he's the best guard in 6-10 imo