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So answer my question... exactly what impact will Curry have on our squad next yr? For example will our Defense be better? Our fg%? Our assist/turnover ratio? How exactly will Curry "Improve" us next yr?

The only thing I can come up with is he can sustain energy longer than Duhon (who was over used and probably still will start) and probably will hit a better % from three pt range. But nothing else.
honestly Red, i like the fact that he knows how to win. Dantoni has brought 1 winner in danillo...we need go to guys, who wont shy away from the last shot. If curry plays for us, i can see us designing inside out plays for him an danillo to shoot the ball. Offense was not a real problem for us, as we bragged the most potent offense in the NBA earlier before duhon got burnt out. He is an unselfish player. He is a combo guard, but that was because the team he was on needed a combo guard. People talk about guards who can shoot as if its a bad thing. Combo guards make some of the best pg's in the league....baron, parker, chris paul is a combo guard as well as he averages over 20 ppg, devin harris....ummmmmmm jameer nelson, monte ellis, mo williams, eric gordon, andre miller, bibby, heck even the ROY is a combo guard...