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So because one does not have the exact answer for something means their way of life is terrible? So you must have ALL the answers, right?

So are you a sheep since you follow others thoughts on evolution? Because you did not come up with the concept.
I didn't say that at all. Your sarcasm throughout this post makes it almost unworthy of any reply. Plus you keep avoiding my questions. But since you avoid the scientific facts that disprove the bible, the only way I can get through to you is by continuing to prove that the statements in the bible are false.

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Clearly you have the slightest Idea why any of the books in the Bible were made. But It's weird that you talk as if you do. The Bible is not a science book, but yet and still it has accurate scientific facts in it, long before, as you say, people had any knowledge of those subjects. How can this be, oh great mind of science? If the Bible writers had no knowledge, how could their facts be straight on any of these topics? The earth is a sphere that hangs on nothing, right? Oh yea.. He got that right because a man saw a shadow on the floor ..................... Lucky guess. How about King David speaking of embryo's in psalms? WHO KNEW! King David was a scientist! But you're right, the Bible was written when no one had knowledge of these things.
The earth is not a sphere, it is an ellipsoid. And the earth is not hanging on nothing, it is pulled by gravity. So again, the bible is wrong. Plus the bible says the earth is a circle. It also calls the heavens a circle. So again, the bible is wrong.

I don't know why you make fun of historical facts about how the ancients knew the earth was not flat. It's pretty simple. If poles of equal length in the ground but in different locations on the earth cast different shadow lengths at the same time of day, the earth must be round. It's the only way to explain it. Amazingly, they were able to calculate the circumference of the earth to within 3% by simply pacing the distance between the poles (were over 100 miles apart) and measuring the length of the shadows. It's called geometry. Learn it.

Where did King David speak of embryos? I'm sure the bible is incorrect here as well but I will wait to see.

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Im still waiting for the scientific answer to why the uneducated people who listened to Jesus in 70 ce survived the purge of Jerusalem, but millions of others died. How could a book of fables to control the uneducated masses, save their lives? That makes no sense. So I hope the genius of science can answer that for me. Especially since the genius of science can tell us what happened billions of years ago, and into the future! This should be easy!
Unfamiliar with this. Please provide details.