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I disagree. I think you have it backwards. I would say that people believe in religion because it gives them a sense of comfort to believe they are special and someone listens to them, and there is a better place waiting for you when you die. All of which is based on zero evidence. I am certain religious people don't open up a science book with objective motives either.
There is nothing about any technology on earth that just appeared. Someone first had to think of it to produce it. You constantly go ob and on about how wonderful the universe is, but then concede that it just magically appears by sheer chance.The evidence of intelligent design is all around you, you choose to ignore it. Jehovah says the righteous will inherit the earth and the wicked will be destroyed. In a sense, that has already happened because he has a people earthwide who he deems righteous and are waiting to usher in this new order. All that is left is the removal of the wicked. So once again, God catches the wise in their own cunning, because he has prophesied these things will happen, and they have taken place, right under peoples noses, but like Jesus said would happen " people will take no note ". Right now, one of those people happens to be you.And you cannot say I don't know what I'm talking about, because I happen to be living and keeping on the watch. So I see it. Its happening.